Time for a new beginning

Energy – Attunement – Compassion

Specialized psychotherapy for clients of all ages

We bring energy, compassion, and advanced practice skills to therapeutic services that nurture our client’s innate capacity to heal, grow and overcome trauma, loss and social challenges. Our developmentally sensitive, state-of-the-art methods are informed by trauma and attachment theories and support our clients to experience enduring change.

We are passionate about creating a safe, respectful and collaborative therapeutic space for all of our clients.

How we can help

Our Services

Our team of skilled clinical social workers use a prescriptive approach to psychotherapy – integrating EMDR, play, sand tray, expressive, cognitive-behavioral and attachment therapies. We provide specialized therapeutic services to children, youth and adults who have:

  • Experienced trauma, violence, victimization or loss
  • Social or behavioral concerns at home or at school
  • Experienced parental separation or family discord
  • Fears, anxiety or sleep difficulties
  • Poor self-esteem or have engaged in self- harm

EMDR Training and Consulting

Child and Youth Psychotherapy

Adult Psychotherapy