Other Consultation and Training Offered

Dr. Bell is a Certified Play Therapists and Therapy Supervisor with the Canadian Association for Play Therapy. As her primary practice modality is child EMDR – integrating play and creative therapies – she regrets that she is unable to offer ongoing play therapy supervision/consultation toward CAPT certification.  Play or child therapists wishing to seek clinical case consultation in the areas of child abuse or complex trauma are welcome to contract her services on a case by case basis.

Dr. Bell can be contracted to provide workshops and training seminars for child protection, children’s mental health, and criminal justice professionals. Training programs are designed to meet each group’s needs, integrating current research findings with her extensive clinical expertise.

A sample of workshops offered:

Creating Safety in the Aftermath of Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse
Integrating the findings from my doctoral dissertation study, this one or two-day workshop provides child protection and children’s mental health professionals with a comprehensive intervention framework to create emotional, physical and sexual safety for children who have been sexually abused.

Playful Child Protection Strategies
On a daily basis, child protection social workers must communicate painful information to young children, but they often feel unprepared for this important task. This skills-based workshop will teach participants playful ways to talk to children and to assess their emotional needs.

Playful Strategies for Resolving Child Abuse Trauma
This workshop provides children’s mental health and child protection professionals with playful treatment strategies to help children resolve all forms of child abuse.

Assessing and Treating Children with Sexual Behaviour Problems
This workshop provides children’s mental health and child protection professionals an understanding of why some children under 12 sexually harm other children and offers effective methods to address this important problem.

Workshop Testimonials