Creating Safety in the Aftermath of Intrafamilial Sexual Abuse

Integrating the findings from my doctoral dissertation study, this one or two-day workshop provides child protection and children’s mental health professionals with a comprehensive intervention framework to create emotional, physical and sexual safety for children who have been sexually abused.

Specific training topics that may be offered:

  • Helping children who have been sexually abused by a parent communicate their safety needs
  • Assessing sexual and emotional safety in families following intrafamilial sexual abuse
  • Assessing whether or not parents have sexually offended should authorized to have access with their abused and non-abused children
  • Evaluating non-implicated parents’ ability to protect and support their children
  • Evaluating when victimized children may emotionally benefit from resuming some form of a relationship with their parent who sexually offended
  • Transforming offender/victim relationships to parent/child relationships that are “safe-enough” and are emotionally beneficial to children