Bell, Amanda. (2012) Transforming offender/victim relationships to parent/child relationships that are safe and emotionally beneficial for child sexual abuse victims. (Doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from ProQuest, UMI Dissertations Publishing, 2012. NR8348.

Stalker, C., Topham*, A., Barbour, M. & Forde, N. (2007). Policies and practices in response to complaints of child sexual abuse 1960 – 2006: A report to the Cornwall Public Inquiry, available at

Topham, A & McGill, M. The Relational Healing Continuum: A Feminist Model for Group Work with Adult Survivors (2003), Trillium Grant, Sexual Assault Center of London, London Ontario. (260 pgs)

*Note – Dr. Bell was formerly known as Amanda Topham

Research Experience

Cornwall Public Inquiry, Cornwall, ONAssociate Researcher – Dec 06 to May 07
As part of a research team under Dr. Carol Stalker, developed a research proposal submitted to the Cornwall Inquiry and conducted a qualitative study that examined the policies and practices of child welfare agencies in response to complaints of child sexual abuse from 1960 – 2006

The Partnership Project, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON
Research Assistant – Jan 06 to May 2008
Recruited and interviewed parents of children discharged from a children’s mental health centre and their children (12-19yrs) to explore their experiences with services and their current quality of life using a structured and open ended questionnaire and conducted analysis of the youth qualitative interview data under supervision of Dr. Gary Cameron.

London & Middlesex Children’s Aid Society, London ON
Research Consultant – June 06 to July 2007
Designed and carried out in-house research project, entitled, “Examining Youths’ Residential Care Experiences”.  Conducted qualitative interviews with youth in group home care to explore their experiences of residential placement and completed a quantitative analysis of the types and frequency of placements children experienced prior to group home placement
Designed and carried out an in-house qualitative study, entitled, “Ascertaining Staff’s Views of Research under the Transformation Agenda”.  Study explored child welfare social workers’ research experiences and made recommendations towards developing an internal capacity to conduct research and implement differential and strengths-based child welfare interventions