Virtual EMDR Basic Training

This virtual EMDR Basic Training program fully meets the EMDR International Association’s (EMDRIA) virtual training standards, allowing participants to attend from the comfort of their own home, avoiding the high cost of travel. The required classroom lectures, practicum sessions and group consultation sessions will be offered using Zoom, and “Thinkific” on-line learning platform. Participants will have access to a wealth of training materials, including videos of EMDR sessions, for one month following completion of the program.

A Unique Training Program:

This 50-hour EMDRIA approved curriculum assures participants the highest standard of training and includes 10 hours of group consultation. Participants may also choose to attend 5 additional hours with the instructor, viewing EMDR practice videotapes and reviewing EMDR practice methods.

Both Part 1 and 2 of the training involve lectures, videotaped practice demonstrations and individual supervised practice. Upon completion of both Part 1 & 2 and 10 hours of consultation, participants receive an EMDR Therapy Basic Training Certificate recognized by EMDRIA. Virtual EMDR Therapy Basic Training programs are for clinical purposes only and do not qualify participants to train others in EMDR. 

Dr. Amanda Bell and her clinical team have extensive experience working with children, youth and adults with complex trauma and will teach participants how to deliver virtually and in-person the EMDR standard protocol in a safe and developmentally sensitive manner. Participants will also gain confidence in how to recognize contraindicators for EMDR reprocessing and how to strengthen client stability, safety and overall functioning using EMDR resourcing strategies.

The Trainer: 

Dr. Amanda Bell, RSW, is the Clinical Director/Owner of private practice group in London ON, and has been in clinical practice since 1995, specializing in treatment, research and training in child and adult sexual abuse and trauma.  Amanda became a Certified EMDR Practitioner in January 2011 and Certified EMDR Consultant July 2013, and is a CAPT Certified Play Therapist, Supervisor and Trainer. Amanda is passionate about integrating creative approaches and advanced EMDR protocols to address the needs of children and adults with complex trauma and dissociation; while maintaining fidelity to the Standard Protocol. She provides ongoing EMDR consultation to several children’s mental health agencies and individual clinicians.

Program Eligibility:

The program is open to anyone with a minimum Masters degree working in the mental health profession. A clinical background is a prerequisite for the effective application of EMDR Therapy treatment. Applicants must be registered or certified with their professional organization. If a student, applicants must be enrolled in a Master’s or Doctorate level program in the mental health field and currently involved in the practicum and/or internship portion of their program (first year students not eligible) and on a licensing track working under the supervision of a fully licensed mental health professional.

Technical Requirements to Participate:

To participate in our virtual training programs, students will need reliable broadband internet, a computer or tablet device, and a private room to attend all training and consultation sessions. If you wish to have paper copies of the electronic slides, EMDR scripts and other resources provided within the extensive participant manual, you will need access to a copy center. We will hold a pre-training orientation session to make sure all participants can successfully access our Zoom meetings and our “Thinkific” online learning platform.

Assessing Student Learning Needs:

To strengthen integration of EMDR theory and practice skills, EMDRIA is now requiring Learner Assessments in EMDR basic training. Trainees will be asked to complete an open book final quiz at the end of Part 2. This final quiz will be based on lectures and the required course text and students will receive ongoing feedback and support to ensure success.  Participants will access essential learning materials, resources, discussion boards, and quiz questions through our “Thinkific” online learning platform. Trainees will have opportunity to ask questions and express their learning needs in real time throughout the entire virtual training program.

Required Course Text:

Students are required to read (click orange text for links):

  1. The 3rd edition of Francine Shapiro’s 2018 text, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy, Third Edition: Basic Principles, Protocols, and Procedures prior to complete of the basic training program. Students are strongly encouraged to read chapters 1-8 prior to attending the Part 1 training weekend.
  2. The Go With That Magazine Fall 2020, Volume 25, Issue 3
  3. Guidelines for Virtual EMDR Therapy 

Registration Information:

Please email [email protected] with your interest. Dr. Bell’s office manager Sue Legree will send you an electronic registration form that will be uploaded directly to Dr. Amanda Bell & Associate’s secure server.


Part 1 & Part 2, including 10 hours mandatory consultation –  $2,300.00 + HST when paid-in-full by Early Bird date or $2,500.00 + HST thereafter. The early bird date is 3 weeks prior to the course start date. 

Deposit required of $400 to reserve a spot if course fees are not being paid in full during registration.

View payment page for all payment options.

Course fees include: The EMDRIA approved Basic Training program, a comprehensive electronic training manual and additional resources, access to instructional videos for duration of program and 10 hours of mandatory group consultation outside of the training weekends.

Completion Requirements: 

In order to receive a certificate of completion in Basic EMDR Therapy registrants must provide evidence they have completed Part 1 & Part 2 plus 10 hours of consultation. EMDRIA requires trainees to complete the program within 12 months.


Within 30 days of the program start date, there is a $200 cancellation fee or the full deposit amount can be transferred to an alternate EMDR Therapy Basic Training course, pending availability. Deposits are forfeited for cancellations or transferring programs thereafter. If full payment is not received by the Early Bird Dates  (3 weeks before the program starts) the trainee will forfeit their guaranteed spot. If the course becomes filled after the Early Bird date and prior to full payment of fees, $200.00 of the deposit will be lost and the remaining $200.00 can be applied to a future training program. Trainees who interrupt their training due to circumstances beyond their control must complete the training within a 1-year frame.

Training Dates

Winter 2024
Part - 1Jan 26-28, 20249am-5pm each dayFull
Part - 2Mar 22-24, 20249am-5pm each dayFull
Fall 2024
Part - 1Sept 20-22, 20249am-5pm each dayAvailable
Part - 2Nov 22-24, 20249am-5pm each dayAvailable

Please contact [email protected] for information regarding potential 2023 training dates.

Consultation Dates

DateTime Slot 1Time Slot 2Time Slot 3
Winter 2024
Feb 15, 2024*9am-12pm
Mar 7, 20249am-12:30pm1pm-4:30pm6-9:30pm
April 4, 20249am-12:30pm1pm-4:30pm6-9:30pm
Fall 2024
Oct 17, 20249am-12pm
Nov 14, 20249am-12:30pm1pm-4:30pm6-9:30pm
Dec 5, 20249am-12:30pm1pm-4:30pm6-9:30pm

* Dr. Bell’s February group is February 14th from 9-12pm, all other groups as noted here.